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 Xavior724's Unknown Journal

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PostXavior724's Unknown Journal

July 24, 1193 B.C.:
Became 21 today, I feel I am ready to serve Athens and become an archer, it seems that is what I am best at. I do feel a strange presence, like War is on the brink.

March 25, 1195 B.C.:
We set sail for Troy and its lands hoping to bring Helen of Sparta back but I think there's more to this War then actually told. A thousand ships sailed with 50 men each. I can already tell this is not going to end well.

February 2, 1193 B.C.:
Troy is in sight and men have already begun sacking the Trojans. It's a massacre out there.

November 7, 1192 B.C.:
We officially have taken the Beach of Troy and now prepare for the siege. As I prepare, I notice the most intriguing raven watching me from above. What could it mean?

December 9, 1185 B.C.:
Many attempts have been useless and many more men on our side have died cause of it. We are losing hope, morale is low, and fatigue is taking over.

August 17, 1184, B.C.:
The Trojans have also been countering us back and forth and whenever we try to come back, their archers fire and a wave of arrows pierce our men and take away many more.

July 16, 1183 B.C.:
The engineers got working on some sort of wooden horse statue. Offering to Poseidon maybe? I do not know but I guess I will soon. If my thoughts are right however, I do not like the results.

June 26, 1184 B.C.:
I was right, I did not like the results one bit. I was in the Trojan Horse that was a decoy for Troy, they took us in and at night, we striked. The horror I saw when that army of around 50,000 men charged through those doors. Those people, those children, the nightmares. I feel dizzy and sleepy. I better get some sleep.


February 21. 432 B.C.:
Woke up to find this Journal in my hand and a bow around me, don't know what it is but the book seems to have some history of a man in the Trojan War, it seems familiar as well as the bow, I have decided to continue its stories and sees what unfolds.

January 15, 430 B.C.:
War with the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta began last year, recruited as an archer and I seem to be pretty good at it. This bow is pretty good.

April 10, 430 B.C.:
The Peloponnesian League seems to be hitting Attica hard, our leaders seem to have taken advantage of this problem by suppressing their ports.

September 6, 421 B.C.:
Word of the The Peace of Nicias has spread and halted our raids but violence within Peloponnese seems to be continuing. I do not think this war is yet over.

June 13, 415 B.C.:
I was put into a massive amount of men prepared to attack Syracuse in Sicily. I have a very bad feeling about this assault and feel concerned for my fellow soldiers.

March 21, 413 B.C.: The attack was horrendous, most of our men died and I can't seem to find any survivors. I feel that the end is not near however.

July 24, 409 B.C.: It's my birthday today and Sparta and allied with Persia and are on the move to Athens, I hope our damaged fleet can hold them out but I very highly doubt it. As I worry, I came across a dolphin aw well, as though it was watching me. Don't know what it means but I do know that the end was near.

December 12, 405 B.C.: Our fleet was unable to hold back our attackers due to the weather and our incapability of retrieving our overboard men. Our Naval Commanders have also been executed. There is not much hope left. I'm preparing for the next carnage. All set, I I need now is some rest for the coming battle.


October 23, 2011 A.D.:
Um . . . I found this book in my back pocket and has some stories of Ancient Greece. I also found a Bow wrapped around me and a golden pot on my back filled with some sort of nectar, it healed me up quick but too much made me feel really sick, fatal even. I don't know what those items were is or where I am. But somehow, I know answers will soon come.

October 25, 2011 A.D.: I have read the before passages and it seems that we all have somethings in common, our birthdays our on July 24th, We are are experienced with a Bow, and we can somehow know the outcome of a future disaster or major event. I will continue my research on this book and my current position. Answers are starting to become more clear but as they reveal themselves, more questions pop up along with them.

October 26, 2011 A.D.:
I have found Camp Half Blood and fellow campers who have been very nice and also introduced other new ones as well. Came across both the Greek and Roman camp and so far, I have taken a liking to the Greek camp. Especially the Apollo Cabin.

November 3, 2011 A.D.:
Rained hard today, monster appearing all over the place and my sword is starting to break. My bow however, stays vigilant and trusty. I am running low on arrows though. Don't know how long I'm going to last without them.

November 5, 2011 A.D.:
Went hunting with a well known friend, Jdsbrd, we were exploring when we came across a enormous ravine and also stumbled across something known as "Funcamp". We managed to get out alive and I even profited from it. I was also able to sew up some leather armor to help protect me. I t happens to fit more right than iron armor. Claiming is told to soon come, can't wait.

November 6, 2011 A.D.:
Today, the campers and I are now told that claimings will begin tomorrow and today I also went mining for some iron and coal. Not much happened today but it was worth the effort to wake up. I am also told that I'm starting to get on the Camp Director's good side. I've had an excellent experience at camp so far. Can't wait for tomorrow.
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Xavior724's Unknown Journal

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